“Anything that is not given is lost” (Indian proverb)

Dear friends,

My studies in a french engineering school in Bayonne ending this year, I decided to go on a humanitarian mission for a period of two years. My career, my life, my experiences, my beliefs have led me to take this step to serve the poorest and discover what meaning to give to my life by the gift of self.

I chose to get involved with Heart’s Home, a Catholic association created in 1990 which decided to send me to Simões Filho (100,000 inhabitants) in Brazil.

Simões Filho in Brasil

Present in over 18 countries, the Heart’s work aims to send young people of various nationalities to live in groups of 4 or 5 in the slums or poor neighborhoods of big cities. This is a charity and help the people. Locally, it will be primarily a presence for the poor.

The ultimately goal is to be among the poorest and most disadvantaged, to be with them during their difficulties. Presence of friendship and compassion that allow them to regain their dignity and their right to be loved. Within the Coroa da Lagoa, a very poor neighborhood of Simões Filho, we will have to main missions to meet orphans and street children to listen them, talk to them and entertain them. For boys, another mission consists to visit the neighborhood’s youth who were imprisoned in Delegacia, a reformatory of the town.

To support his mission, the volunteer of Heart’s Home what I am, is based on three pillars:

– A compassion life, by being a loving presence to those who suffer, in all our activities, weaving them with bonds of friendship and trust over time (volunteers of Heart’s Home has been in the neighborhood of Coroa da Lagoa since 1994)

– A community life because we will be five young people from diverse backgrounds to share this mission

– A life punctuated daily prayers

Finally, to fulfill this commitment that keeps me greatly to heart, I need your support through sponsorship, both spiritual and financial.

La Coroa da Lagoa

It could be for you a way to participate in the action of Heart’s Home in the world and live this with creating a special bond between us …

  • You can support my mission with your prayers (spiritual sponsorship). You agree then to pray for me and neighborhood friends a decade of the rosary every day.
  • You can also give me your financial support. Indeed, each volunteer must raise the sum of € 450 per month to live throughout the mission (on-site living expenses: food, clothing, miscellaneous expenses management, insurance …). Your donations, tax deductible, are very useful since they allow me to devote myself entirely to my mission.

I assure you of my daily prayers and I shall send you regularly (about every two months) a letter to permit you follow my mission and to “live” it with me.

Feel free to talk about it!

Thank you in advance for your support for my project.

My departure is fixed for November 2012.

Best regards,